Monday, May 19, 2014

My First Rodeo

This is totally not a euphemism for something else.

I actually went to my first rodeo on Saturday.

 The 65th Annual Franklin Rodeo is held in Williamson County Ag Expo in Franklin, TN. It was about 25 minutes away from my place in Nashville. There were people of all ages and it was a great way to spend my Saturday night.

There are 2 reasons why this is was a big deal...
...ONE- I went alone. I tested my social anxiety and all that jazz because I really wanted to go, but no one was available to go with me. So, I put on my big girl cowboy boots and bought myself a ticket. I did absolutely fine on my own and it proved I was capable of it!

...TWO- I seriously had never been to one, ever. This was the first time I really felt like this was something you can only really experience in the South or Midwest. Anndddd...I'm sort of obsessed with them now. 

Team Roping Event

Saddle Bronc Riding

That is monkeys on the back of sheep-herding dogs...chasing some sheep. Seriously.

Mutton Busting...these kids were tough, hanging on real tight!

Calf chasing. I really wish I got a better picture of how much it looked like a scene from Braveheart with all the kids running at the calves!

Barrel Racing

Bull Riding

My conclusions?
-These guys must have some serious bruises (or broken bones) at the end of the day.
-Bullriding is terrifying and I think you must be a little bit insane to do it.
-If it takes 7 men and 5 minutes to just get the bull calm enough to let it out of the chute (with a 180lbs man on top of it), then it probably will not end well. 
-God Bless tight jeans and hot cowboys
-I want to go to another one!

Oh and ps- I chopped off all my hair this weekend!


  1. The rodeo looks amazing! So proud of you for going alone. I'm not sure I would have. And I'm loving the short hair!

  2. Good for you on going alone! I still have yet to do that at an event. And love your hair!

  3. So glad you enjoyed your first rodeo! Love them!


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