Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday


It has been a crazy crazy week for me, despite having Monday off for the holiday.

(one) Work has been nutso. Tons of patients, which is usually a good thing because it keeps me busy, but it is such a drastic change from last week. We only missed one day!

(two) Had my physical on Wednesday. My cholesterol was okay (below 200, but not great. plans to work on that). But my vitamin D was a whopping 15. Normal blood levels are greater than 30. So- that means I am not just insufficient but vitamin D deficient. I have to take 6 months worth of prescription supplementation. Makes me wonder if my fatigue and slow weight loss are related...

(three) I wish avocado and peanut butter didn't have so many calories and fat. I know they are good fats but still can't eat them all day every day!

(four) I finally got fed up with the amount of insects (spiders mainly) that I was killing in my apartment. The pest control people came yesterday, so here is hope that I won't have to kill ugly ugly spiders after having a massive panic attack. ha.

(five) If the weather is nice, you can expect me hanging around here....

(six) Yes, I know this is extra, but whatever. I wish I was going to CMA Fest next week :/ It is just too expensive for me to justify it, but it looks and sounds like it should be a good time.

How was your short week??


  1. The CMAs sometimes have free events!! I will be fighting that traffic for a wedding next week. Kill me. EEEK! Spiders are the worst! We have a lot of baby flies and gnats... enough to be annoying. YAY for pool time! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. We live in Old Hickory and my husband works downtown now (near Church Street and Charlotte so it's all the way on the western part of down town). That means he'll be driving in that craziness all week.


  3. OOoh girl you should jump on that CMA fest I'm sure you won't regret it! And enjoy lots and lots of pool time :-D

    Happy Friday!

  4. Ugh I hate spiders. I have a full on anxiety attack when I see one - something my husband doesn't understand and doesn't know how to handle!

  5. I hear you on the peanut butter! I'm not a lover of avocado but I love peanut butter.

  6. I wish I lived close enough to even contemplate going to CMA fest, lol. I hate anything creep crawly and had a run in with one last weekend that I'm pretty sure came with me from my house. *shivers*


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