Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dog Names

What's in a name??

My dog's name is Jake. But, when I got him that was definitely not his name. The shelter named him something ridiculous (Aynesworth) when he was brought to him because he was a stray. He responded really well to to the change name- it probably helped that he was only in the shelter for 12 days!

He's also sort of named after Jake Owen...go ahead and laugh, it's funny. 

I am not a massive fan, but my Mom told me to name it after a country singer since I'm such a big fan. So we started naming country star names (Luke was the first one she said...), Jake just seemed incredibly fitting and it stuck.

However he also has a few nicknames that I apparently call him enough that he responds to them. They are:


No clue.

What is your dog's actual name and what are some things you call them??


  1. Bahaha. Boomer gets called Boomski, Boomerang, Boombear, BoomToot, Boomy, BoomerWoomer, and things like "Dangit" and "BOOMERNO!"hahaha.

    I love that Jake is named for Jake Owen. :) hahahaha. Jake is a great dog name!

  2. Coming up with names is the WORST. I remember when my parents got Bailey and it took us forever to decide on a name... a big pat on the back for me since I came up with Bailey :) And I love how you named Jake after a country singer!!

  3. Haha that meme is so true! Jake is an awesome dog name! We have 2 cats and the second was named "Molly" at the shelter, but we changed it to Shadow... cats don't ever respond to names so we figured we could do what we wanted ;) haha

  4. My dog's name is Marco. I got him from Metro and that was the name his previous owners gave him. I thought about changing it, but he was such a stressed puppy after coming home from the shelter. The last thing I wanted to do was stress or confuse him by calling him a different name.

    He mostly goes by Marco Baby, Sweet Boy, or Bub.


  5. I like the name Jake. It's always fun to share how you named your pet stories! Currently, I have a boxer I rescued named Neo. He came with that name and, it had been his name since birth, so I kept it. A family gave him up. That's how they knew. I like the name though. It's pretty cool & different. I call him Mr. Wiggely Wiggely. lol

  6. Growing up, I used to name my dogs after Disney characters or my favorite cartoons. I had a dog named Guss (after Gus from Cinderella) and Frosty (after Frosty the Snowman). When I got my first dog as an adult, I decided to stick with the tradition. It was fate when I found a litter of dogs at the local pet shelter that were all ALREADY named after Disney princes and princesses. I picked up the runt of the litter (all of my dogs have always been runts too...I have a weakness for them), named Ariel, but I decided to change her name to Nahla (after Nala from The Lion King, with a slight spelling difference). When my fiance (then boyfriend) got his dog, he named him Chips...but I think we can argue that it's very similar to Chip from Beauty & The Beast. :)


  7. Hemi's name was Sam but I changed it too. I call Hemi- Hemi Joesph (when he's in trouble), Hemi Jo, bubby, fluffy butt, and monkey.


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