Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Online Dating Update

HA. What update? 
Granted, it is the holiday season, who is seriously considering starting dating right before Christmas? Not many. BUT STILL. 

someecards.com - Online dating: Why God invented boxed wine and sweatpants.

Now, I just have a few tips for the guys out there when it comes to your profiles. Because let me tell you how many times I come across a profile and it just makes me wonder if the person realizes that they aren't putting their best foot forward.

1) If you mention you want something real and drama free, chances are you seem to attract anything but. 
OF COURSE WE ALL WANT SOMETHING REAL. I am not out to snatch up someone fake as all and drama-filled, so if you must spell it out in your profile, something tells me that drama might happen often around you...not sure I'm interested in that.

someecards.com - Online dating to English translation #1

2) SMILE. 
Seriously. If your main photograph has you scowling, it makes you look angry and even a little scary sometimes. I am not going to date someone who's photo looks like a mug shot, even if they are the gentlest teddy bear in the world. Looks aren't everything, but you gotta see how that comes across!

3) No shirt photos in the bathroom. 
Just. Don't. Do. It. Washboard abs and the hip indents are sexy as hell, but leave me something to imagine through the tight tshirts. 
Added on to this: every photo shouldn't be a bathroom selfie. FYI.

4) When you message me, try to be creative and less generic.
"Hey What's Up?" works and if I like your profile, I'll message you back. But, it is incredibly generic and I'm not even sure you read my profile at all.

I'm not picky. Well, I am, but I like to give guys a slight benefit of the doubt, without being unsafe. (obviously) But in the same breath, somethings you see time and time again!

If you've tried online dating, what have you seen constantly??


  1. Love this!! You've apparently had better luck than me. I've always attracted weirdos, old men, or women (even though my profile says interested in men)!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more on the generic comments! I hate those-- it's the best way to get someone to delete you in a heartbeat. And those horrid, shirt off in the bathroom photos are the worst.. or how about the guys who just take body pics where you can't really tell much about their face? UGH!

  3. I hate group photos. I don't want to search to find which one is you. I also hate photos of guys with other girls. Especially girls that are too hot for them because you know they put that on there so we think they can get girls like that.

  4. Why, why, WHY do so many guys take photos of themselves in their bathrooms shirtless?


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