Monday, December 16, 2013

Looking Forward to 2014

2013 has been a year of growth and huge changes for me.
I moved 900 miles away from home in October. BUT even before that I was on a path for sorting through my life and where I wanted to be with it. 

2014 is going to be EVEN BETTER.

I saw this on Pinterest and I really wish I could find the source! It is a great plan though.

I'm looking forward to...

...continuing to lose weight
...volunteering with animals 
...adopting a dog of my own
...continued growth in my faith and hopefully finding a church home
...exploring more of my new city and the surrounding area
...making new friends and strengthening the relationships with those I already have
...furthering my love life (maybe even falling in love)
...turning 30 and entering the decade where it gets really good (supposedly. I am still on the fence about this one!) (oh and who wants to participate in my Vegas weekend for my 30th...yeah that might be happening!)
...traveling to places that were hard to get to before I moved South
...budgeting my money and paying down my debt the life I have imagined but never had the confidence to do so

What are you looking forward to in 2014??


  1. Send me the Vegas info because I'm there with bells and whistles on

  2. Awwww I can't wait to see the precious doggy you adopt :)

    Ummmm yeah ditto Erin, I'm totally in for Vegas! LOOOOOOOVE the Vegas!

  3. Love these!! Have several of the same! Hopefully we can both accomplish them!

  4. These are great goals for 2014! I have some of the same! xoxo, Lindsay

  5. I say this most years, but this year seriously - wow. How is it almost the New Year? So crazy to think about. But I have many of the same goals - we can do it!!

  6. I love this idea as a blog post, and going to use it as a post myself. I can't believe this year is almost over!!

  7. i love this idea! i have a blog post similar that is already scheduled to go up next week.

    next year, i'm looking forward to training again for tough mudder and running my precious trails in the spring. it was a sad day for me when i had to pack away my trail shoes for the winter :(

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