Monday, August 18, 2014

Cowboy Boots

These boots are 18 months old.
Unremarkable lifetime in number, however, when they were purchased, I had no clue the things that would be seen or done while wearing them.

When my Mom bought them for me, we were in Nashville. It was purely a "when in rome..." moment. 
I had no clue that I would be living in Nashville by year's end.
I definitely didn't know they would get dirty or dusty from horsemanship and horseback riding lessons.

These boots are my favorite footwear.
They are good-looking while being functional.
Can be worn with a sundress or jeans.
I'm glad that they have seen more than country concerts and downtown Nashville.

But, isn't that all a great metaphor for my life now??

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fun Flashback Friday

I'm just going to leave you with these 2 photos...because obviously horses and being a cowgirl have always been there somewhere in me...who knew!!!

Happy Friday friends!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Country Fairs

It is country fair season here in Tennessee. Every weekend now there is another county's fair scheduled. I have plans to go to one next weekend, supposedly it is one of the best in the area.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Being a Yankee, Northerner, New Englander, I couldn't possibly know what a country fair is like. 


CT has their fair share of country fairs. Google Durham Fair- it is our state's largest agricultural fair. Now, don't get me wrong, might not quite be the same as down here with all this southern hospitality and all, but I have seen my share of tractor pulls, pig races, and other competitions.

In fact, while I was in high school, I entered my apple pie a few times into the competition. I never got a blue ribbon, but if my memory serves me correctly, I did win an honorable mention one of those years.

I think next year, I might do the same around here. 
I'll definitely have to practice some because my pie making skills are a tad bit rusty but if you've ever had my Mom or Nonnie's pies, you'll know that I come from a long line of amazing bakers!

My two favorite parts of the fairs is one- the food...fatty, trashy, and terrible for you but oh-so-good and two- the animals. I loved loved loved to wander around the tents back at the local fair in CT and see all the different farm animals on display. Cows, sheep, chickens, you name it, they had one!

He wasn't so happy I took his picture.

What do you think?? Have you been to a fair or two in your life? What is your favorite part?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This Single Lady's Confessional

Last time we chatted about dating it was a whole lot of nothing on that front.
Nothing has changed.
Except I have decided to remove all my online dating profiles and discontinue any subscriptions I had. Because a) it was getting me nowhere and b) it was actually proving to be detrimental to my confidence.

So I am taking a step back and focusing on other things like doing things I enjoy and trying to meet people more organically. 

Since returning from my trip to CT in mid-July I've gone to a baseball game, took a horseback riding lesson, went on a hike with my dog, and planned to go to a county fair. I haven't gone on a date, but that isn't even the point anymore. I just want to have fun and experience everything.

The second part of this is to get myself back on the healthy lifestyle train. I sort of took a bounding leap off it when I headed home because I knew I was going to eat everything I could while I was there (and I did). But, now that I am back, it's time for me to work on my physical fitness.

I'm not losing weight to meet a man or so I will make a man happy.
I am losing weight so I can FEEL BETTER about myself and in turn, if I am happy, a relationship will be happier. 

So while I've put dating on hold (and really how much on hold can it be since it wasn't really working so well before...), I can make myself the best person I can be and hopefully along the way, who knows what could happen! ;)


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Finding ME

Seven or eight years ago, my priorities and goals in life were much different than they are now.
Back then, I believed that I was going to live in NYC, work in the music industry, and generally have a very different version of my life than I do now. I'm not even talking about how I thought my love life would look either.

Boy how things change when you don't expect it. If you had told me when I  graduated from NYU in 2006 that when I was 29 I would up and move to Nashville, TN, I probably would have laughed in your face. Hard. But, funny how things work out because if I didn't move in Nashville I would still be stuck in my unhappiness back in the Northeast.

There was a time where I thought the high paced, designer, high maintenance lifestyle was for me.

Ha. I was obviously a little delusional. Because I would have been miserable and I WAS miserable trying to be something I was not.

Moving to Nashville has forced me to slow down a little and re-evaluate what I want with my life- personal, professional...all of it.

I realized that I prefer simple over flashy.
The jeans with ballet flats or cowboy boots.
The simple cotton top and simple jewelry.
Eyeliner/mascara with lip balm over a full face of makeup.
Beer over wine.
Quiet nights over loud bars.


I am not knocking those who choose the opposite...because there was a time where I thought that was what I wanted. But, I realized the reason why it wasn't working was because it wasn't ME.

Who knew that I would prefer driving a pick-up truck over a sports car?
Who knew I wanted a slower pace and be around people who do too??
Who knew that I would dream of living in a farmhouse on acres of land with my dog, maybe some horses, chickens, and who knows what other animals? (yeah that happened!)

Simple, comfortable, slower, HAPPY.

Does this make sense or am I rambling haha...because the reality is, I identify more with those country songs than I ever though I could...

I know, weird, right??

Monday, August 4, 2014

Life Updates!!

My last *real* post was June 23...which means it has been about 6 weeks since I've posted anything more than a "hey, I'm still alive" sort of post. Here are some things that went down since the last time we really had a good ol' chat!


I tried boiled peanuts for the first time, courtesy of my friend who is Alabama born & raised...

Saw the 2nd biggest firework show in the USA in Downtown Nashville...

Had some doggy play dates and Jake made friends...

Made the trip back to CT for 5 days...

which means my ride was Dad's Chevy Silverado...

I ate amazing New Haven - style pizza...

had a picnic and was able to spend time with my brother (and my cousin with an epic photobomb)...

Took a walk along the shoreline that I miss when I'm in TN...

Ate some lobster, which I also do not get while in TN...

And spent some time with the next generation of my friends...

When I returned to Nashville, I went to a baseball game...

And then this past weekend, I took my first horseback riding lesson, which I am thrilled to have more of. It's been 15ish years since I've been on the back of a horse and it was an amazing feeling knowing I was actually able to ride for real and my instructor was pleasantly surprised with my skills!

That's Shire...she's half shire/half paint, and was the sweetest, most patient horse. She responded really well to me according to my instructor and I can't wait to work more with her!

Of course, driving to/from the ranch, I was on some 2 lane country back roads...

(don't worry I was only going about 10 miles an hour!)

So that is what has been happening as well as I have started really figure out what I want in life and where my priorities lie. I am still very nervous about 30, but I have slowly felt the dread of the milestone fall away little by little, as I do things I love and enjoy!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hey Friends!!

I am alive! Yay. So it's been like, 20 days, since I last posted. There are times where I have sat down at my laptop and did a "W-T-F am I supposed to write about!". There are days where I miss it, other days when I haven't. 

I am still on the fence but I really am leaning towards coming back full swing but a little revamped. There isn't a heck of a lot going on with me that is crazy. I am still working hard, caring for my little pup, and trying to find my way in a new city. Because despite being in Nashville for 10 months, I am still adjusting all the time. Making friends has been the hardest, but I am slowly coming out of my shell. It hasn't been easy but I decided I was tired of feeling lame. 

So. With all that being said, here's how I see it. I will be posting but only when the mood strikes. My goal is 3-4 posts a week. But I also don't want to make any promises I can't keep. 

I have a question for y'all. What keeps you reading blogs on a daily basis?? I could use opinions!! :)